Writing Fiction

Well… First things first.

I have just posted the entirety of Seeing Further content on this new page. At least the content that I still had readily available.

Thing is… the entire background info that used to be contained by the old web page is lost. I cannot recreate it and repost it here.

Still, have fun reading Seeing Further, the link to there is above.

On the other hand, I’ve been planning to rewrite Seeing Further for a while now and have some content for it, but work is slow and I will change a lot of thing around.

For example, there will be no Soviet Union will collapse like it did in our normal timeline. The last few years have shown that Russia and China are more than enough to replace the Soviets.

I will also take more time between the discovery on Mars, landing on Mars, finding the Quetzal and Europans and going FTL. For one, thanks to The Expanse series, I want to have at least a century that allows to have something of a distinct Belter culture and population and much more infrastructure in the Solar System.

Over time, I will post a few world building ideas here, while I play around with the new setting.

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