I really regret the decision to press that button…

I have a few domains on my name and when I took a look at my backend (Plesk 10) a few days ago, I noted that there was a subdomain for WarringerWorks.com that I had planned to use, but didn’t.

So, being a sensible person, I thought that I should remove it.

Problem was… I had not used the backend in some time and forgot where some of the buttons were.

The inevitable happened, I pressed the wrong button…

Instead of deleting the subdomain, I deleted the entire WarringersWorks.com domain, complete with all subdomains and databases…

I lot my two painstakingly created wikis for ‘On the Shoulders of Giants’ and ‘Seeing Further’, and with it the majority of the background infos that I had created for the stories. Worse, I didn’t think about making regular backups, meaning that I couldn’t simply recreate both pages.

End result:

I was ready to kick my own backside to the Moon and back.

I think I will rethink my web work for my rewrite of ‘Seeing Further’, ‘A Giant’s Shoulders’.

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