A Giants Shoulders – Federated Districts of Ceres

I’ve been working on a few things for ‘A Giants Shoulders’ over the last few month.

One of the independent nations in the Sol Main Asteroid Belt, the Federated Districts of Ceres.

The Federated Districts have started out as a company settlement to provide manpower for Asteroid Mining on Ceres, but eventually grew to become a democratic nation in its own right, under the tutelage of the European Union. The latter since the company in question, Euro Asteroid, was a company with its seat in Luxembourg.

A Giants Shoulders – Type 45 Patrol Spacecraft

Over the past few days I have put a lot of thought into spacecraft design for ‘A Giants Shoulders’. Of course the design is firmly grounded in the designs I’ve made for ‘Seeing Further’, but a bit more refined.

To this end, I have written up a document on the Type 45 interstellar patrol spacecraft, capable of operating up to 18 month on a patrol pattern to take care of potential enemies and commerce raiders of nations that are opposed to the Solar Nations.

A Giants Shoulders – Quetzal and Scientific Documents

I’ve always had fun using LaTeX to write my documents and I did use it two write a number of faux scientific documents, though most of those are not safe for work and certainly to available here.

Now I’ve thought to use the little wiki document data I still have on the Quetzal and write a ‘Primer on Quetzal’ to dive a little deeper into the creation of a fictional species. I certainly hope that I’ve managed to get it done well enough.

Writing Fiction

Well… First things first.

I have just posted the entirety of Seeing Further content on this new page. At least the content that I still had readily available.

Thing is… the entire background info that used to be contained by the old web page is lost. I cannot recreate it and repost it here.

Still, have fun reading Seeing Further, the link to there is above.

On the other hand, I’ve been planning to rewrite Seeing Further for a while now and have some content for it, but work is slow and I will change a lot of thing around.

For example, there will be no Soviet Union will collapse like it did in our normal timeline. The last few years have shown that Russia and China are more than enough to replace the Soviets.

I will also take more time between the discovery on Mars, landing on Mars, finding the Quetzal and Europans and going FTL. For one, thanks to The Expanse series, I want to have at least a century that allows to have something of a distinct Belter culture and population and much more infrastructure in the Solar System.

Over time, I will post a few world building ideas here, while I play around with the new setting.

I really regret the decision to press that button…

I have a few domains on my name and when I took a look at my backend (Plesk 10) a few days ago, I noted that there was a subdomain for WarringerWorks.com that I had planned to use, but didn’t.

So, being a sensible person, I thought that I should remove it.

Problem was… I had not used the backend in some time and forgot where some of the buttons were.

The inevitable happened, I pressed the wrong button…

Instead of deleting the subdomain, I deleted the entire WarringersWorks.com domain, complete with all subdomains and databases…

I lot my two painstakingly created wikis for ‘On the Shoulders of Giants’ and ‘Seeing Further’, and with it the majority of the background infos that I had created for the stories. Worse, I didn’t think about making regular backups, meaning that I couldn’t simply recreate both pages.

End result:

I was ready to kick my own backside to the Moon and back.

I think I will rethink my web work for my rewrite of ‘Seeing Further’, ‘A Giant’s Shoulders’.